Surface Temperature & Conductivity

The Conductivity Sensor measures the conductivity (of the liquid on the surface of the sensor). The value provides information about the surface status wet/dry. This sensor is always installed together with TrackIce Surface Temperature Sensor, which measures the surface temperature.

TrackIce NB Conductivity and Surface Temperature Sensor sends data directly to a central system. The sensor uses Narrowband IoT and is therefore completely independent of any type of fixed infrastructure.

Battery-powered, 100% wireless
The sensor is battery-powered wich enables measurement of conductivity and surface temperature in places where you did not think it was possible. With measurements made every 15 min the battery is expected to last for at least 5 years. The TrackIce system is designed to minimize installation time and effort, to reduce total cost of ownership.

Narrowband IoT
The NB IoT network is based on the 4G network, which means it has very good protection against interference from other technologies. The technology is future-proofed with a global standard.

Accuracy+/- 0,2°C vid 0°C
SizeØ 70mm height 150mm and Ø 88mm height 30mm
BatteryHigh performance primary cell 13Ah@3.6V