Particle sensor

Completely independent of fixed infrastructure
The particle meter is integrated in Track Ice NB Solar Module and is 100% powered by solar energy. The module communicates with Narrowband IoT. Therefore is the module not dependent of any type of fixed infrastructure.

Small and cost-effective
TrackIce NB Solar module is a small and very easy to install unit that enables particle measurement in places where you did not think it was possible.

Narrowband IoT
The IoT network is based on the 4G network, which means it has very good protection against interference from other technologies. The technology is future-proofed with a global standard.

Solar module
Range-10°C to +70 °C
Size180 x 180 x 90 mm
Battery4.2V, 5Ah. LiPo

Particle sensor
Particle detection size range PM 1.0 PM 2.5 PM 4 PM 10 in μg/m3
Particle detection size rangePM 0.5 PM 1.0 PM 2.5 PM 4 PM 10 in pcs/ml
Mass concetration precision+/- 10% @ 100 to 1000 μg/m3
Measurement rangeEvery 15 minutes