Mowic Online

Your view of the situation

Data overview

View your sensors and values on a map with real-time data.


Get a real-time picture to make it easier for you to make a decision.


Create custom stations for specific measurement values.


See historical values ​​from all your sensors.

Quick overview and forecast

TrackIce can communicate with different types of applications to provide a quick overview and forecast of temperatures, road conditions and its freezing point.

In Mowic Online, you get a real-time picture of your sensors and what it looks like right now, to make it easier to make the decision you need to make. It also gives you access to historical data for a specific location.


Log in to an interface in an accessible web environment.


Location of sensors and measured values.

Measured values

Select a measuring station to see current values ​​and history.


Sensors can have different diagrams. Shallow depth is shown here.

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